Painting by Numbers: Visualisation of Structured IPv6-addressing

After getting IPv6-blocks (::/48 or ::/32) everyone has the problem to structure these addresses in an appropriate way, since otherwise the routing-tables will explode. Showing a two-dimensional approach to get a structured address-plan just by coloring squares (painting by numbers) instead of calculating hexadecimal numbers.

Helge Holz, DATAPORT


IPAMv6 is a web-server based PHP-Script, which interacts with the browser. For this reason the requirements are very small. The Installation is also very simple. In a few steps you can just unzip the Script to your webservers directory, create a MySQL database and enter your database credentials to the file: "config.php" - like millions of other web-sever based scripts.


See the IPv6 Address-Mangement Tool in action...
  1. add a new root network
  2. adding new subnets into your created root-network
  3. manage client-networks
  4. view all your networks
  5. delete a network with or without all of its subnets


If you have technical questions, want to get access to a demo or want to get a copy of this tool you can directly contact the developer by mail, for questions about the concept you can directly contact the author Helge Holz.

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